Trolley Mobile Hits the Market



- Press Release written for client: Trolley Mobile


Freshly- released, TROLLEY MOBILE, bridges the gap between merchants and mobile payments by providing a cross platform, device agnostic alternative to mobile payment

Miami, FL. (AUGUST 15th,2011)– , 2011) – Introducing Trolley Mobile, the newest player at bat in the mobile commerce ballgame brought to you by Tek Tango. Trolley Mobile is the latest push for the Android user base that will utilize new and innovative features not currently visible within the mobile commerce scene. For the first time, merchants will have access to robust features including cloud-based m-commerce and business management tools to serve small and medium businesses diverse needs.

Trolley Mobile’s one stop shop mobile commerce platform makes even the most mundane and frustrating processing tasks easier with its ability to navigate through complicated 12transactions with ease in order to adjust sales tax, void transactions, place a hold, and even procure on the spot refunds. The service accepts all major brands of credit cards and will process any debit card with the Visa or MasterCard logo. Setup is painless with a merchant account and gateway service available to the user with 24/7 customer support for no additional charge.

Merchants working in industries where tips are in play will regale at the platforms integrated tip

function that allows customers to easily calculate and add their tips. Does your customer want a

copy of their receipt emailed to them? No problem. Trolley Mobile allows for printing as well as

emailing customers their receipt with just a few clicks.

Trolley Mobile was designed with an API friendly architecture that facilitates easy integration with other mobile-apps, cloud-based apps and back-office systems. It securely transmits and processes transactions via a PC Level 1 compliant provider.

About Tek Tango:

Tek Tango is a privately held Florida Limited Liability Company with offices in Miami, Indianapolis and Southern California. Tek Tango has been on the forefront of mobile commerce technologies for three years developing and marketing its mobile payment cross-platform mobile commerce alternatives processing applications to businesses that process credit cards governed by the Operating Rules from Visa and MasterCard.