Merging Historical and Modern Architecture in Los Angeles


– ghostwritten for Prime Five Homes



There has been a lot of talk on the news recently about the history of Los Angeles and its architecture.  Here at Prime Five Homes, a company that prides itself in making modern homes for the modern family, it’s an interesting topic to think about.


Both local (KCET) as well as outside news purveyors (iO9) have made reference to the upcoming exhibit Never Built: Los Angeles presented at the Architecture and Design Museum featuring famous architects Frank Lloyd Wright, Harlan Georgescu, and Olmsted-Bartholomew about our famed city’s architectural past. It is a humbling historically curated story of great leaders in modern architecture.


The inspiration for future designs is often based on its past.  Without the past, we are simply not the same.  Just because a concept does not actually become a reality should not dissuade from acknowledging the sheer brilliance said design is worthy of.

While Prime Five Homes has not yet had the pleasure of working within the downtown area of Los Angeles yet, we can only hope to aspire even a fraction of those kinds of memories to the families and the community we serve.

At Prime Five Homes, we understand that Los Angeles is a unique region full of great past marvels of modern architecture. Oftentimes, with that knowledge, it requires a very special construction group to oversee your contracting needs. Whether constructing a new project from the ground up, or simply making renovations to the home you live in, we understand that choosing a contractor may be the most important decision you will make for your future.

  Are you looking to replicate a similar experience to one of these great modern architects of the past?  We would love to hear from you.  What kinds of past design elements would you like to see incorporated into the future for Prime Five Homes?