Jennifer is a girl that exists somewhere between fantasy and reality.

She censors herself selectively.

She reads comic books, play video games, and loves roller derby, art, technology, music, & motorcycles. An occasional socialite and recurring heartbreaker/fashionista.



If you require a textual representation of your product, service or dream idea that speaks to the masses on a level beyond the corporate, I can help.

She will X, Y, and Z for you at competitive rates.

Her writing specialties range from corporate to creative, standard format, digital copy, social media, journalistic and non-traditional neo modern.

Her happy clients include: LA Weekly, The laistPreval, Prime Five Homes, Harrison X Rose, Trolly mobile, Hypple, Chicklit, etc.


Scott Barrett

Scott Barrett

President/CEO / International Headquarters

Jennifer truly looks at the world differently. Her writing is simply an eloquent report of her unique intake.

Sam Averbuch

Sam Averbuch

CEO / Preval Inc.

Brilliant writing.

Mayer Dahan

Mayer Dahan

CEO / Prime Five Homes

Jennifer over-delivered. Her ability to represent my business in the best light seemed effortless. She injected a playful style while respecting the need for corporate structure.

Adryenn Ashley

Adryenn Ashley

Founder / Chicklit

I met Jennifer at a tech conference and immediately knew she was special. As comfortable with the red carpet as she is with technology, she showed me she was not afraid to go up front into the crowd and get the story.


I must have her!

Hire Jennifer!